Goodnight Readers

I come here to leave my insensitive thoughts. Becoming a woman in this place we call our home. I will most likely never make sense because of my horrible ADD. I mean lets just get right into it….

My name is Michelle. Now i never really liked my name. I feel incredibly old for having such a ‘matured’ name. All the Ashleys and Biancas of this world are taking over. I mean what kind of name is even Bianca? Typical bitch name…Am i right? You really cant get any worse. No offense to the biancas, ashleys, kaylas and ect out there. I just hate the cleverLESSness. But shout out to all my Michelles, Elisabeths and MaryBeths out there you all got shafted.

Regardless of my name and such I have always felt old and unattractive. Probably because thats how i was raised. Mom never was satisfied with her looks or her life. My sister was just your normal teenage brat and my brother was a goodie 2 shoes. Theres my dad who was in and out of my life. Although I was the youngest I grew up the fastest. I felt as though i never had a childhood and now i never ever will. Maybe thats a good thing?

I dont know….

I hit my freshman year of college and now i cant wait for the summer to start. I mean honestly what even is schooling for. Now you can really get anywhere without a degree. I am totally unmotivated and uneducated. And I am happy to be that way. There is too many things to see in the world to be wasting 16+ years of our PRECIOUS lives getting educated. I MEAN CMON.

Before I make this blog too long Im going to say goodnight.

Not really goodnight thanks to my 10 page research paper on rituals due MONDAY MORNING.

Sweet Dreams my friends


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